Hardware Features

Kenel Board

size 65mm*55mm
CPU Loongson 2K1000 dual-core industrial grade processor
frequency 800MHz-1GHz
RAM Onboard 2GB DDR3, optional 4GB; using domestic Ziguang industrial grade DDR chip.
storage 16GB Solid State Drive
Operating Voltage 12V/5A
System Support Run busybox, buiroot, Loongnix, QT5.12 system smoothly
lead angle extension There are as many as 232 pins and stamp holes with a pitch of 1.0 to meet various expansion needs of users.

Development Board

size 190mm*125mm
POWER DC power input interface
SWITCH switch
Ethernet 2 10M/100M/1000M adaptive Ethernet
USB HOST 4-way USB2.0
OTG support
Mini HDMI support
WIFI/BT Onboard WIFI, Bluetooth two-in-one module
Mini PCIE 4G module that can be connected with mini PCIE interface, with PCIE2.0 single channel
4G module Support (optional module, please contact customer service if needed)
SIM Card 1个
UART 2serial ports
RS485 1way
CAN 2way
蜂鸣器 an active buzzer
LIO/UART (2mm pitch 20PIN socket lead out)
GPIO (2mm pitch 20PIN socket lead out)
headphone jack Standard 3.5mm headphone jack
JTAG 1-way JTAG debugging interface (2mm pitch 10PIN socket lead out)
GPS GPS all the way
SSD interface 1 way
button 3
Temperature Sensor support
fan drive support

software resources

Loongnix and LoongOS two major systems

packing list

Bottom plate + core board piece 4G antenna 1 (Note: the basic type does not have an antenna)
Power Adapter One serial line One
USB cable one cable one




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