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Tablet Solution
  • PCBA motherboard customization
    With the Exynos 4412 processor and up to four built-in display cores Mali400, it is always smooth regardless of online high-speed Internet browsing, 3D large-scale games, HD video playback and multi-tasking operation.
  • Tablet for Education
    With the gradual enrichment of successful cases of different types of education informatization, modern network technology and flexible tablet computer technology are used to build a more advanced education platform to realize social development.
  • Tablet solutions for business
    Xunwei is committed to providing mobile office solutions integrated with server + client + mobile information terminal for the business field.
  • Ordering Tablets
    The electronic menu runs smoothly, the order speed is fast, the interface is simple, the dish display effect is good, the dish classification is diversified. Wireless ordering



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