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Technical Support Scope
1. Understand the software and hardware resources of the product;
2. Problems encountered in the use of the product's software and hardware manuals;
3. Problems encountered in the process of downloading and burning the update system;
4. Data of product users is lost and updated to be obtained again;
5. Product fault judgment and after-sales maintenance service。

Scope of technical discussion (not necessary)
1, how to understand and modify the source code, circuit board design or modification;
2. How to compile and port the operating system;
3. Software and hardware problems encountered by users in self-modification and development.


All Xunwei products purchased directly by Xunwei or purchased through a regular agent authorized by Xunwei are entitled to the following rights and interests:
1. the development board itself 1-year free warranty service (except accessories);
2. After the expiration of the warranty, the product abnormal, Xunwei to provide paid maintenance services, you can get in touch with Xunwei, the charge depends on the specific circumstances. In case of serious damage and other uncontrollable factors that make maintenance impossible, the company will not provide maintenance service;
3. If the product you purchased needs maintenance or testing, please backup the relevant data in the machine in advance. Xunwei is not responsible for the loss caused by data loss.

Note: The following conditions do not fall into the scope of free maintenance, but can be provided with paid maintenance:
1. Products beyond the warranty period;
2. Non-guaranteed components: CPU, memory chip, FLASH;
3, due to improper use, such as PCB burning, cracking and other physical damage products;
4. Product damage caused by human negligence or wrong use or failure to use according to the instructions;
5. Irrecoverable development board caused by disassembly or replacement of components and devices;
6. The product is damaged due to improper packing or transportation operation in the process of returning faulty parts to the Technical Service Department.

Maintenance cycle:
Upon receipt of the repaired products, we will immediately arrange engineers to test them, and we will repair or replace them in a short time and send them back. The general maintenance cycle is 5 working days (from the date when we receive the goods, excluding the transportation time). For products that cannot be repaired within a short time due to special faults, we will communicate with the user and confirm the maintenance cycle separately.

Maintenance cost:
In the free warranty period of the product, due to product quality problems caused by the fault, no charge for maintenance; If the fault or damage is not within the scope of free warranty, we will communicate with the customer and confirm the maintenance fee after testing and confirming the problem. We only charge the cost of components and materials, not the maintenance service fee. For products exceeding the warranty period, the components and materials fee and maintenance service fee shall be determined according to the actual damage degree.

Transportation cost:
When the product is under normal warranty, the user shall bear the freight for sending the product back to the user, and our company shall bear the cost for sending the product back to the user after maintenance. The back and forth freight of abnormal warranty products shall be borne by the user.


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