Application of I.MX6Q development board in road traffic signal control system solution

Date: 2019-03-21

Intelligent traffic control platform is a unified information platform for traffic command system services, and information technology as the leading factor, to computer communication network and intelligent command and control management as the foundation, built for the high and new technology application of intelligent command scheduling integration platform, to realize information exchange and sharing, rapid response decision-making and unified scheduling command, To realize the modernization of traffic command, digitalization of management, information networking and office automation, and improve the road traffic management level of traffic police departments.

Integrated intelligent traffic control system is completed, will form a reasonable structure, load balancing, internal and external communication of the computer network system, network system based on this, established for meeting the needs of daily work and management software environment, the development of various kinds of database and application system, realize the traffic police the interconnection and collaboration of each information management system, the height of the various data resources sharing and centralized management, Provide adequate network information service for each department. The system is divided into six parts, that is, the road video surveillance system part, the detection and control system part, the traffic signal control system part, the command and dispatch system part, the traffic incident detection system part, the traffic guidance and release system part.




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